Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde (Review)

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Started: 7/31/2017
Finished: 7/31/2017
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

READ THIS BOOK! That would be all I have to say, but I am pretty much bursting at the seams with how much I love this book! Jen Wilde has created a story that can, will, and does speak to so many people and it has provided so much happiness, support, and understanding for me as well. Here we follow two different perspectives. One is of Charlie who is a Chinese-Australian budding YouTube and movie star who has been invited to appear at an American convention called SupaCon. The other perspective is that of Taylor who is one of Charlie’s best friends and she’s a super fangirl who is autistic and also has anxiety. The entirety of the book takes place at the convention and hi-jinks, love, and fun ensues!

I loved the representation and diversity in this book. One of our main characters, Charlie, is Chinese-American and embraces her culture. There is also autism and anxiety rep (Taylor), bisexuality rep (Charlie), and lesbian rep (Alyssa – Charlie’s love interest).

The description of anxiety in this book is spot on. I have never read a better representation of what anxiety feels like on a day-to-day basis as I have in this book. It’s as if Jen Wilde has tapped into my brain and put into words what I have never been able to explain to other people. I really wish people in my life who don’t have anxiety would read this book and finally understand what it’s like. I felt like I could really relate to Taylor and the things that she’s gone through trying to understand and relieve her anxiety.

The romance in this book was top-notch. It was so sweet and angsty and fluffy and absolutely wonderful! It was so much fun watching the romances blossom and lines get crossed and misunderstandings unfold. Sometimes I read so much fantasy that I forget how much fun contemporary romances can be.

Just as a little warning, I wanted to let people know that there are some bimisic comments from the antagonist (Charlie’s ex-boyfriend Reese) so beware of that if that is something that makes you uncomfortable.

Over all, I absolutely loved this book. I am so impressed by the contemporaries I have been reading this year. None of them have disappointed me thus far and Queens of Geek is no exception. This truly is a love letter to fandom members and I can’t wait to reread it in the future!

Prom Queen Perfect by Clarisse David (Review)

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Started: 7/7/2017
Finished: 7/7/2017
Rating:  ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

This was such a sweet novella! I was expecting something light and quick and fun, and that’s exactly what I got and more. It’s definitely a mix between Gossip Girl and quintessential teen rom-coms, with the feeling of Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Prom Queen Perfect follows Alexandra dela Cruz (I was so excited to find that we share a first name!!) and she is the most popular girl in her school and is currently in the running to win the coveted title of prom queen. But her once less-than-kind feelings towards her classmate Adam Cordero turn romantic and she finds herself helping out a socially-invisible girl at school who turns out to be her best friend.

I don’t read too many novellas, but I loved the pacing and the way that it felt like this was a complete story. Nothing was missing and there was enough drama and romance and teen angst to make the reading worth-while.

Also, the fact that Alex isn’t exactly the most sympathetic narrator was one of my favorite parts! I have a soft spot for main characters that are rough around the edges, and she goes through such a nice and realistic character arc, which was certainly refreshing. I also loved Adam and how serious, but funny and witty he was. The characters’ romance was completely believable and I was definitely rooting for Alex by the end of the novella.

All in all, I completely recommend this novella for anyone looking for a fun, short, and easy contemporary to dive into and read in one sitting.

Knit One, Girl Two by Shira Glassman (Review)

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Started: 7/13/2017
Finished: 7/15/2017
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

This was such a sweet novella and I’m glad that I finally broke down and decided to buy it! I absolutely loved how fluffy and sweet it was. It’s definitely refreshing considering how much high fantasy I’ve been consuming lately. I loved the characters and the incorporation of religion and just how light it was. However, I would have really enjoyed seeing it as a full-fleshed novel. I felt like it had so much room to grow and expand on the story and characters, but I don’t mind the novella length either. It’ll be a nice little nugget of goodness to come back to later whenever I’m feeling down.