Writing Day: 8/18/2017

Current location: Starbucks
Current WIP: AMOF

Word count: 74,306
Today’s WC goal: N/A

So…long time no see! I haven’t done a writing update here in quite a while, and since I last posted I have finished my “first” draft! I have a hard time calling it a true first draft because it has gone through many, MANY evolutions in the past year before being complete. But now, I have a completed manuscript and I am going through the process of self-editing.

At this point in my writing “career” I am pretty confident in my ability to self-edit. I have a clear idea of what I’m trying to fix and I feel as though it would get muddled and forgotten at the point in the process if I let someone else edit for me. We will see where I am at in the future, but for now I trust myself to catch a lot of key issues in my manuscript.

Also…you might have noticed that the name of my WIP has changed and that is because I have finally settled on a title that I am confident about. I’m only giving an acronym for now because it’s definitely a secret (shh!) and also because it may or may not change once I start querying. But for now, I will be calling my WIP/MS “AMOF” for now! Hopefully sometime in the near future you guys will get to see the name in it’s full form!

So far, I have edited about 9 full chapters, written my prologue, and also edited my prologue. When I was first writing this book, I hadn’t intended to write a prologue, but I am actually very happy with how it turned out and I’m glad to have written it after writing the entire novel first.

Wow. That’s just a great thing to say/write. I wrote an entire novel.

When I had initially finished my MS it was a little over 72k words and felt very complete in terms of story (though I would love to make it at least a duology at some point), but I did want to add a prologue and also a few other chapters earlier on of other POVs. It seemed to be missing some aspects of the story that multiple POVs give early on in the book, so I wanted to add that in for clarity.

Anyway, I feel like that’s about as much updating as I need to do in terms of my writing. I don’t want to give everything away! If you’re currently writing and/or editing, then I wish you luck!

Happy writing!

Writing Day: 7/25/2017

Current location: Starbucks
Current WIP: #GayAdventureStory

Word count: 63,233
Today’s WC goal: 2,000

I wrote roughly around 3k words on my last writing day, so I’m up-ing my goal to 2k words today. I like to low-ball my goals a little so I know that I can hit them and I’ll feel accomplished. I think the origin of my writing slumps are due to feeling like I haven’t accomplished what I feel like I should. And if low-balling my goals a little helps, then I’m not going to change it.

I took a few days off since my last writing day, but I’ve been plotting in between then and I am pretty much 100% on how this is going to end and how I’m going to get there. I want to leave this MS open for a sequel, but I guess that all decides on my future publisher and what they think is best or most profitable. My goal is to make this a duology, but I could also potentially see this project being a series with multiple books. However, I don’t want to limit myself to just this story, and a duology frees me up to work on other projects.

That’s not to say that many writers don’t work on multiple series at a time, but I just know what I can swallow at this point in my life, and perhaps when I’m more financially stable and out of school I could do something bigger. I know that at some point I would love to do a big fantasy series, but that’s jut not in the cards for me as of now.

Anyway, those are just some of my writing thoughts for the day. I want to thank everyone who has checked out my blog and followed me! I didn’t really think anyone would be even remotely interested in what I have to say, so that means a lot.

Happy writing!

Writing Day: 7/20/2017

Current location: Starbucks
Current WIP: #GayAdventureStory

Word count: 61,575
Today’s WC goal: 1,000

Recently, I read a thread on Twitter that had me thinking about my WIP and how I would like it to be perceived when read by people that aren’t me. I know exactly how I want my work to be perceived, but that’s not exactly how everyone else will feel about it. Readers bring their own opinions and viewpoints and experiences before jumping into a book, and I think I have to be more mindful of that. Not that I necessarily think that my book is riddled with problematic elements that I need to immediately fix, but I think that there are places for improvement and expanding on ideas that I’ve had.

I can’t easily place my WIP into a genre, and that’s where the issue starts. It’s sort of fantasy without the magic, and also an adventure story, but I know what it definitely isn’t: alternate history. This genre has been coming to my attention more and more lately, and everytime I see it I’m reminded that I do not want my book to be perceived as alternate history. My story is not an alternate Russia or alternate United States or alternate whatever. The fantasy world I created is just that: a fantasy world. And not a fantasy world in the sense of Game of Thrones where the places are vaguely like Europe or Asia or Africa, etc. My world isn’t a world that exists on a parallel plane to ours. IT’s completely and 100% made up. But I don’t want to make it seem like I’m being insensitive to the nuances that exist in our reality.

I have always admired the way the Star Wars universe was created, but the more I think about it the more I wonder how much of it is problematic. Where the elements stop being good and start being bad; where things begin to be inherently exclusionary.

I think that the concept of race within my “fantasy” world is something that I would like to tackle at some point during the drafting process. Currently my world is ruled by politics, and race hasn’t played a part in the story telling at all.

Anyway, I think that this is all something that I should talk to an editor about and find a solution with. I thought I was going in the right direction, but after reading that Twitter thread I’m second-guessing myself. I think that’s a good thing, though. I want my story to be the absolute best that it can be.

Happy writing!

Writing Day: 7/18/2017

So ever since I started this blog, I had the idea of documenting my writing process and when/where I write. This is mostly for me to have some sort of incentive to take my writing seriously and get stuff done. If you find any enjoyment from it or would like to ask me questions, then that makes me inexplicably happy.

Current location: Starbucks
Current WIP: Let’s call it by its Twitter name #GayAdventureStory

Word count: 60,711
Today’s WC goal: 1,000

I really enjoy writing at Starbucks when I don’t really have a clear direction of where I’m wanting to go. If I’m writing at home, a clear direction is pretty much necessary. I tend to get spacey and distracted writing at home, though that’s probably because I have four dogs and no good coffee.

I recently just got out of a writing slump and filled up a lot of plot holes during a recent plotting session, but now I’m pretty intimidated by all of it and it’s seeming like an overwhelming task to even get started. This happens to me a lot and the only solution I’ve found is just forcing myself to write. There’s no trick that gets me out of that funk, I just need to force myself to face it head-on. That’s the only solution.

If you have any suggestions on how to not be so incredibly intimidated by my ideas, then let me know! I would love to hear any ideas.

For now, I mainly need to work on finishing chapter 30, moving on to chapter 31, and going back into my WIP to fix some of the things I figured out during my plotting session. If anything else comes up, I’ll work on that as well, but my main focus is chapter 30.

Without any further sentiments, I’m off! Happy writing!