Hey to whoever is reading this! Here’s a bit about me:

I am a 22 year old booktuber (a YouTube creator of bookish content) and I have been an avid reader ever since I learned to read. I have worked various library jobs and have been creating stories longer than I have been reading them. I am currently active multiple times a week on my growing YouTube channel and am also writing my first book. I am an English major currently completing my BA and looking to transfer schools.

If there’s one thing to know about my reading preferences: I really enjoy YA. I do dabble in adult and new adult books as I have been trying to expand my horizons. I am really interested in finding new NA (new adult) fiction, so if you ever have suggestions you can tweet me or shoot me an email at bookfaereads@gmail.com.

Also, look at my super cute bookshelf!! I built that one myself 😉

I really needed a place to express my love of books and post updates on my reading challenge on Goodreads as well as the reviews I post on both Goodreads and Amazon. I do have a successful Tumblr blog southernisle.tumblr.com, and I even run a successful roleplay group on Tumblr that has been running for 4+ years.

If you ever want to talk books, then tweet me or follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my YouTube channel!! I make sure to be as accessible and active on all of my social media platforms.

Happy reading!!